Annet Libeau Discusses the Latest Trends in Software Development

Boca Raton, FL — ( NewMediaWire ) — December 4, 2020 — The year 2020 has been a dynamic one. Many industries have suffered at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic. However, software development is one area that hasn’t struggled, due to more people spending time at home on their electronic devices. Software developer Annet Libeau recently discussed the latest trends in software development.

“Some of the most major developments we’ve seen are through Artificial Intelligence, which has majorly impacted the development process,” Annet Libeau said. “AIFusion keeps developers moving by checking codes and increasing overall speed.”

Another major AI trend Annet Libeau points out is that the use of AI differentiates applications from others. AI is able to create more relevant customer experiences, provide quicker outcomes, and make decision-making easier because it’s more data-based.

“Progress web applications are also extremely popular right now,” Annet Libeau said. “Also known as PWAs, these apps combine the functions of original apps with website accessibility that doesn’t involve going to the app store.”

Annet Libeau explained that PWAs can be used offline and access device hardware. PWAs eliminate the time-consuming hassles of constantly downloading and updating apps. Annet Libeau added that PWAS are also able to be developed faster than native apps, and they can be maintained easier.

“Prototyping and innovation have become drastically faster in 2020,” Annet Libeau said. “A number of organizations have adopted technologies like prototyping tools and low-code platforms. These can transform innovations into demos, products, or even applications easier than ever before.”

Finally, Annet Libeau commented on Digital Transformation Enablers. She explained that all organizations are pressured to digitize as much as possible, from the customer relations department to operations and more. Digital Transformation Enablers help make the digital transformation run more smoothly. Digital transformation was one a several-year process, but it is made drastically faster and more convenient through Digital Transformation Enables. Annet Libeau explained that it’s essential for companies to invest in such tools that will foster quicker innovation cycles.

“The year 2020 has been a year of serious software development around the world,” Annet Libeau said. “I believe we, as software developers, can expect to see the same heading into the new year, as we enter additional lock-downs and continue spending more time at home on our computers, smartphones, and other devices.”

Originally published at on December 4, 2020.

Annet Libeau is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Day Consulting, a software consulting company. After discovering some of her father’s early,